Other projects & initiatives

Travelecoology has been actively operating as a consulting & advisory firm since 2013, when we decided to grow beyond our activity as a travel agency to ally with other organizations and institutions to catalyse the transition towards sustainable ecotourism in Europe. Since then, we have had the pleasure of leading and taking part in a good number of Projects and initiatives. Here’s a selection of our past work and experience.

Ecotourism strategy, marketing & product development:

  • WILDSEA Europe: In 2015-2016 we started weaving the first pan-European network of ecotourism operators & destinations: WILDSEA.eu. The overarching objective of the Project is to give market visibility to the rich choice of marine ecotourism experiences available in Europe, thereby supporting the market efforts of those tourism operators who actively nurture love and respect for the Ocean through sustainable, responsible tourism. Some of the key drivers behind the Project include empowering small, local businesses of coastal communities and enhancing Ocean literacy and citizen science in support of Ocean conservation. Launched with the financial support of the COSME Program of the European Union, the Project keeps building momentum and thriving in its objectives thanks to the active engagement of travelers from all corners of the World and the support of the Project Partners. 
    Client: Partnership effort, with the financial support of the European Union (2015 - on going)

  • Project Curioseaty: “Curioseaty” is a discovery Nautical Tourism Route through Europe´s maritime heritage. The project sought to connect European nautical destinations to the cultural and historical values of its territories, adding new incentives to the practice of nautical sports: reviving the ancient, mysterious and adventurous world of European maritime civilizations and cultures, appealing to the passion of nautical practitioners for the Sea. Lead by the European Federation of Nautical Tourism Destinations (FEDETON), the project was a European, Public-Private cooperation effort supported by the European Union. As project Partner, Travelecoology was in charge of developing the business plan and marketing strategy of the Route, contributing our knowledge and expertise to its conception.
    Client: Partnership effort, with the financial support of the European Union (2014-2015)

  • Industrial Heritage: We have designed and implemented Industrial Heritage Tourism Itineraries for the Royal Factories of San Juan de Alcaraz (Riopar).
    Client: Arte y Más SL (2015)

  • NAUTICA2000: We provided our technical expertise to the Spanish Association of Nautical Stations(AEEN) to develop new nautical ecotourism products and provided training to their associates for their market development and implementation.
    Client: AEEN (2014-2015)

  • European Manifest for Sustainable Nautical Tourism in Europe: Travelecoology supported the European Federation of Nautical Tourism Destinations in the technical design, production and outreach of the European Manifest for Sustainable Nautical Tourism. The Manifest offers a framework for action in the nautical sector to contribute to sustainable development and to the European Blue Growth Strategy. It is the long-term vision and the commitment from the Nautical Tourism sector to address the challenge of making Europe the number 1 Tourist Destination in the World, by means of preserving and making a smart use of Europe´s natural and cultural values. 
    Client: FEDETON (2013-2014)

  • Project “Natouralists”: Jointly developed with the Spanish Ministry for Agriculture, food and Environment, this capacity building program provided training to Tour Guides in Baleares, Ceuta and Melilla (Spain) on the development of whale watching and snorkelling activities. Over 80 participants benefited from the training, which amongst other things looked at citizen science as a powerful tool to improve customer experience while teaming up with conservation efforts. 
    Client: Own initiative, with the support of Fundación Biodiversidad (2012-2013)

Meetings, workshops and conferences on Environment, Tourism and Industrial Heritage (methodology, program design, organization, facilitation and production of proceedings):

  • Project PANACeA: We have recently provided methodological support for the development and facilitation of different sessions of the Open Seminar & Community Building Event organized for the INTERREG Med Biodiversity Protection Community in Podgorica (Montenegro, May 2018) in the framework of Project PANACeA.
    Client: Plan Bleu (2018)

  • Project PANACeA: We also provided methodological support for the organisation of the INTERREG Med Biodiversity Protection Community’s Capitalization Event & Community Building Event in Barcelona (Spain, 23-25 October 2017).
    Client: MEDCITIES (2017)

  • Nautical Tourism: We have developed position papers and represented the Spanish Association of Nautical Stations (AEEN) and the European Federation of Nautical Tourism Destinations in several international workshops and tourism events across Europe, including Brussels, Croatia, Germany and Malta. 
    Client: Asociación Española de Estaciones Náuticas & FEDETON (2013, 2014)

  • Reales Fábricas de San Juan de Alcaraz (Riopar): Travelecoology designed and organized all aspects of a Conference Cycle “Mirar lo propio con ojos propios” on the past, present and future of this important industrial heritage site
    Client: Asociación de Amigos de las Reales Fábricas de Riopar (2013)

  • LIFE+INDEMARES: We undertook the technical and logistical organization of an important expert workshop on “Cetacean-Ship Strikes” in the framework of Project LIFE07 nat/e/000732 “Inventario y designación de la Red Natura 2000 en áreas marinas del estado español” (LIFE+INDEMARES), with the participation of US NOAA and USFWS
    Client: Alnitak (2012)