By Julia Vera
Partner & Managing Director


After six years together, we have decided that it was time to adapt our website to the new times and we have gotten us a brand new one. Hoorra! We have opted for a very simple, functional site that will hopefully help you understand what we do and who we are, without requiring a lot of high maintenance on our side. This will allow us to fully concentrate our attention on energyzing our Projects and those of our clients and collaborators. 

With this new start, we have decided to let go of all the old Blog posts that we have written with care and love over the past six years. They will now become a kind memory of the road that has led us here, which we will enjoy privately. We start start a new season in our Blog, which we will continue to use to keep you up to date with the latest news and developments of our work and to share thoughts and reflections on the ecotourism industry