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Love birding? Discover an unknown birder’s paradise in Spain before everyone else does and bring your camera equipment along. The beautiful sierras, marshes and protected landscapes of Granada are home to bee-eaters (Merops apiaster), rollers (Coracias garrulus), trumpeter finches (Bucanetes githagineus), blach wheatears (Oenanthe leucura), fish eagles (Pandion haliaetus), red avadavats (Amandava amandava) or wood warblers (Phylloscopus sibilatrix), among many other wonderufl birds. The striking beauty of these landscapes – a rare mix of mountains, cliffs, volcanic areas, dunes, marsh land and lakes – offers a unique setting to enjoy a rich experience of bird watching and photo shooting, whether on route or from a hide. Treat yourself to an unforgettable ornithological photo tour with an expert photographer and ornithologist through one of Spain’s most precious yet unknown natural regions. 



Day 1: Arrival in Madrid.
Welcome and transfer to Benalúa de Guadix (Granada).

Day 2: Ornithological route through the Natural Park of Sierra de Castril.
The river Castril not only gives its name to this beautiful natural area, but also shapes its terrain as it flows eroding its limestone mountains and transforming the landscape into a highly valuable karst system. Riverine forests follow its course, where willows, poplars and elms provide a perfect habitat for birds such as kingfishers and dippers.

 Day 3: Ornithological route through the Bad Lands and the desert of Gorafe.
We resume our tour through the impressive desert cliffs and beautiful views of the dessert of
Gorafe as we advance through its Bad Lands. With every step, the landscape becomes more spectacular giving way to giant dunes coloured by salmon soils and surrounded by spectacular red and yellow rocks that form a unique melting pot of shapes and colours. A griffon vulture (Gyps fulvus) might be observing us from the heights.   

 Day 4: Ornithological route through the Natural Park of Sierra de Baza.
The Park of
Sierra de Baza is often described as a bio-climatic island. Peaks, valleys, deep canyons, caves, gentle hills and grazing land are all ingredients of its different altitudes, conditioning the presence of a wide range of species. A quiet observation will reveal the colourful flight of the bee-eater, as well as birds of prey such as the short-toed eagle (Circaetus gallicus) or the kestrel (Falco tinnunculus).  

Day 5: Ornithological route at the Padul Lagoon. Ornithological Station.
We arrive at the lagoon of Padul, a nature reserve and one of Spain’s most important wetlands in terms of biological and geological values. A total of 158 different species of birds have been recorded at the marsh in the last 10 years, offering a unique setting for bird lovers as paths and raised walkaways allow to circuit the reserve and observe the birdlife from platforms and hides.

Day 6: Bird watching from hide in Alicún de las Torres.
On our last day on Tour we will visit Alicún de las Torres and its unique “natural” aqueduct, a man-made irrigation channel that has grown upwards naturally for thousands of years reaching a considerable height and forming beautiful waterfalls. Our hide will grant us the opportunity of plenty of different sights, from grooks (
Corvus frugilegus) to hen harriers (Circus cyaneus), red-billed choughs (Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax) or lack-bellied sandgrouses (Pterocles orientalis). After lunch, transfer to Hotel in Madrid. Free time in Madrid.

Day 7: Transfer to Madrid’s airport and departure home.



Price: € 1150 / person.

Services included in the price:
- Transfer from/to origin Madrid to/from Benalúa de Guadix (Granada).
- All guided walks and field visits (two 4-hour routes each day on Days 2-5; one on Day 6).
- Accommodation (6 nights - double-room) and meals (dinner on Day 1; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Days 2-5; breakfast and lunch on Day 6; breakfast on Day 7).
- All transfers to/from fieldwork from/to hotel.

Services NOT included in the price:
- Flight from/to point of departure to/from Madrid (Spain).
- Basic accident insurance.

The following additional services can be contracted (prices per participant):
- Guided Walking Tour of Madrid. Price: € 120.
- Accommodation in a single room throughout the Tour (extra). Price: €170
- Basic accident insurance. Price: € 10.

The Tour requires a minimum of 6 participants to be carried out. 


You would like to take part in this Tour but you do not fulfill the minimum group requirement? Let us know when would you like to travel and we will team you up with other travelers.
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