Our Team

  • Julia Vera Prieto

    Julia Vera has built her professional career on the integration of sustainability strategies in economic sectors, searching for ways and means to promote an economy that addresses the needs and personal development of people within the limits of the Planet. She holds an MSc in Environmental Economics from the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and a degree in Business Administration from the International School of Economics of Rotterdam (The Netherlands). She has held management responsibilities in organizations such as Fundación Biodiversidad and Fundación Entorno - Spain´s Business Council for Sustainable Development, as well as having worked as international consultant for firms such as KPMG. Her passion for travel has led her to guide in Tambopata (Perú) and to work as Tour Director in Europe. When you travel with us, Julia will share with you her insight into the forces that are shaping a greener economy in Spain and will deliver you a taste of all sort of “slow” and ecological products and experiences in Madrid and Barcelona.

  • Alex Bartolí

    Alex Bartolí holds a degree in Biology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is Project Manager at Travelecoology and looks after Natouralistas.net, ensuring the soundness of its capacity building actions and the good functioning of its network of Naturalist Guides. For over 10 years, he has worked in monitoring, conservation and rescue campaigns of marine wildlife, working closely with fishermen and building capacity in society through networks of volunteers. Lately, he has worked as political coordinator for Pew Charitable Trust in campaigns such as Shark AllianceandDeep Sea Conservation Coalition.

  • Luis Zumárraga

    Luis Zumarraga holds a Masters degree in Forestry and Environmental Engineering and an MBA. Luis has spent his entire career in the field of environmental consultancy, specializing in environmental impact assessment of major infrastructure and industrial facilities, both on the coast and marine environment and on land. Encompassing beach nourishment projects, expansion of major ports, waste treatment facilities, recovery of degraded areas among others. In recent years has been dedicated to cinema and audiovisual production developing projects in Colombia and Latin America. When you travel with us, Luis will walk with you through spaces of great botanical and scenic interest, sharing the most interesting features of the Mediterranean vegetation and fauna and their ecological interactions.

  • Jordi Sánchez

    Jordi Sánchez is co-founder and Project Manager of SUBMON®. He holds a degree in Biology from the University of Barcelona, as well as a degree in Management and Conservation of Protected Areas. He uses his professional diving experience to conduct research and monitoring of marine ecosystems and species, to map habitats and to find ways and means of making a sustainable use of natural areas. He is also active in photography and filming, often taking part in the jury of national and international contexts. He is a member of the group of experts of MedPan (Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean) and of the Iberian Network for Harmful Algal and Biotoxins. When you travel with us, you will meet Jordi as instructor of our scientific diving courses. He will also guide your fieldwork when studying and monitoring underwater habitats and associated species. And he will help you make the most of your photo and video camara.

  • Manel Gazo

    Manel Gazo is Associate Professor at the Department of Animal Biology of the University of Barcelona and co-founder of SUBMON®. He holds a PhD in Animal Biology and specializes in marine mammals. His professional experience is built around three main fields: applied research management, coordination of conservation programs and studies for species and environmental protection. He coordinates the Action Plan for the Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus) of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP-RAC/SPA) and is the regional coordinator of ACCOBAMS for bottlenose dolphin (Trusiops truncatus) in the Mediterranean. When you travel with us, Manel will introduce you to the study of marine mammals and will grant you a practical, up-to-date overview of international conservation policies, their current challenges and results.

  • Carla Alvarez

    Carla Alvarez is MSc in Sustainable Management of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems and MSc in Oceanography and Management of the Marine Environment. She focuses her efforts in the study and conservation of marine biodiversity, and more specifically in the acoustic monitoring of cetaceans. She has conducted research of cetacean populations in potential Natura 2000 areas in the Mediterranean for the Ministry of the Environment of Spain. She is also supporting the Ministry in the development of protocols to reduce the impact of offshore seismic surveys on cetacean populations. She is co-founder and Project Manager of SUBMON®. When you travel with us, Carla will sail with you to study and monitor cetaceans out at sea using marine mammal bioacoustics and visual identification techniques.


    Mariluz Parga holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine and an MSc in Medicine and Conservation of Wild Animals, along with a residence in medicine of exotic and wildlife fauna. She has a long international experience of over seventeen years, having worked in Europe and in the United States of America. For over ten years she has specialized in marine animals (mammals, turtles and birds). She is a member of the Wildlife Health Specialist Group of IUCN, as well as co-founder and Project Manager of SUBMON®. When you travel with us, Mariluz will guide you through the world of animal medicine (specially marine turtles) and you will enjoy hearing about her many anecdotes as veterinary doctor in animal rescue centers of the Mediterranean.

  • Augusto Huéscar

    Augusto Huéscar is our Senior Tourism Business & Marketing Strategist. Augusto has built a sound experience and insight into the Tourism industry through the past 15 years, having worked as Head of Inbound Tourism Research in Tourspain (Government of Spain) and Senior Tourism Adviser in international organizations. He holds a Bachellor degree in Economic Science and Business Administration and a Master in Tourism Marketing.