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Europe goes wild!

Europe goes wild!

It has been a year since Project Wildsea Europe kicked off. After twelve months of intense meetings, discussions, reflections and very hard work, we finally and proudly can announce the launch of Wildsea.eu – the Project’s website and one of its key actions, coming alive with the funding of the European Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises (EASME).


Wildsea.eu shows the tip of the iceberg of Europe’s rich, amazing and mostly unknown marine biodiversity. It portrays some of Europe’s most emblematic marine species, as well as the coastal towns and regions that thrive with their presence. But most of all, it sheds some light on an emerging tourism sector that is shaping around the curiosity and wonder that the marine world awakens in each and every one of us. All around coastal Europe, local tourism operators are inviting visitors from all around the World to come and share the beauty of a realm that has been long hidden behind the mainstream tourism scenes in Europe: the Ocean.

Going out to sea to find killer whales. Diving to enjoy the beauty of gorgeous, gold coral. Snorkeling through ancient gardens of Posidonia meadows. Kayaking at sea and sighting the second-largest fish in the World. It may sound like something that you would do during your holidays in a far, far away land. But the beautiful truth is that you can do all of this in Europe. And Wildsea.eu will now make the distance even shorter!

Wildsea Europe is a public-private collaborative effort geared at boosting ocean literacy through responsible tourism. A dynamic platform aiming to give visibility to marine research & conservation efforts and to encourage citizen science in tourism activities.  But most of all, it is a window-shop displaying the best offer of marine wildlife adventures that can be experienced in Europe, allowing visitors to thrive at sea and to make responsible contact with marine species in the wild. Wildsea.eu already offers some very exciting proposals, but as new tourism operators and professionals join the initiative there will be so much more to choose from!


While you make us happy navigating Wildsea.eu to start planning your next marine wildlife adventure, we will continue to pursue project Wildsea Europe’s mission: fostering nature tourism in coastal destinations across Europe. During the month of May, the Project Team will be busy meeting with Wildsea Europe’s Members and stakeholders in Catalonia, Causeway, Donegal, Istria and Portofino to exchange experiences and ideas to advance best practices in marine wildlife tourism and to create a sound scenario for the sustainable development of coastal tourism in Europe.  

We are confident that Wildsea.eu will ultimately lead to improve the level-playing field of nature tourism in Wildsea Europe’s partner destinations and to motivate other destinations to join the journey. But again, most of all, we hope that Wildsea.eu will inspire everyone and trigger an unstoppable desire to discover Europe from a completely new (blue) angle. Europe is going wild: Hop aboard!

Europe goes wild!


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