Educational Tours


At Travelecoology we believe that fieldwork is the best education one can receive. Seeing the environment at first hand and investigating real issues gives students the opportunity to link classroom-based material with real-world situations, providing the insight, tools and awareness to connect with their studies in a whole new way.


    Spain is a cradle of natural wonders. Often described as a continent “in miniature”, Spain’s biodiversity captures half the species, habitats and ecosystems that the European Union regards as a strategic natural asset to be preserved. Its amazing wild life goes often unnoticed amongst the millions of visitors that are attracted by Spain´s vibrant cultural life and coastal landscapes. But after years of conservation efforts, the country’s urban and rural territories offer a unique scenario to thrive in nature, as much as an open-air classroom to reflect on the challenges of balancing economic development with environmental management and biodiversity conservation.

  • Travelecoology partners with you to custom design your environmental Field Courses and Trips in SpainTell us what you have in mind and we will shape your trip into an unforgettable learning experience.